Spiro Spin Teeter Totter - Bounces & Spins 360°

$86.79 $311.08
  • Spinning & bouncing seesaw: a fun seesaw where kids can comfortably sit, bounce up and down, and spin around and around. Designed for active play that delivers Smiles, giggles and joy!
  • Spin and bounce away: designed to support a maximum weight of 35 kg (77lbs) at each end and includes a hollow base which can be filled with sand for added stability.
  • Boost skill development: kids will develop balance and coordination while having a blast! Parents can join the fun by guiding the motions up, down, and around using the assist handle.
  • Fun & exercise for toddlers: comes with protective foam pads to prevent damage to household floors. Feel good about letting your little one get their exercise even when it is cold outside.
  • Indoor/outdoor use: Designed specifically for 3 – 8 Year olds, it will have your kids in a 360 degree spin and bouncing around like Tigger on a Pogo stick! Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.