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$86.96 $266.75
  • 【Home Fitness】-Multi-functional dumbbell stool is conducive to spine stretching, fat reduction and shaping, fitness and muscle gain.
  • 【Comfortable and considerate】-This dumbbell stool is suitable for the whole family. The multi-angle adjustment function can be switched at will. The cushion and back cushion can be adjusted to experience sports and enjoy fitness.
  • 【Stable as Mount Tai】-Multi-functional dumbbell stool has been improved and upgraded hundreds of times, thickened and thickened the main frame tubing
  • To exercise, it is safer, more stable and stronger.
  • 【Exercise mode】-This dumbbell bench can be used in multiple exercise modes at home and in the gym: dumbbell bird, dumbbell rowing, dumbbell curl, and sit-ups.