Telescope Portable Infrared Digital Night Vision Monoculars Outdoor Hunting Patrol High Power HD Night Vision Goggles for Bird Watching, Hunting, Camping

$84.60 $327.91
  •  monocular is the perfect optical device to enhance your vision at night. A built-in infrared illuminator provides additional light when in darker conditions.The infrared strength can be adjusted to suit your situation.
  • Quick and easy to transfer data with USB cable, viewing images and video on a monitor with video out and recharging the battery by using of the DC IN socket. The monocular can be used to takes photos or capture video during the day or night.
  • MULTIPLE FUNCTION: Night Hunting and Scouting game; Security and surveillance; Camping fun; Exploring caves; Night fishing and boating; Wildlife observation ; Night Search and rescue; Night Bird Watching ; Night Scenery; Can be powered by an external battery/power bank(not included), no worry the power for the long time monitoring.
  • Powerful function: Rotate the eye mask design,without the glasses, the user can rotate the eyepiece eyepiece to the top to view it normally. The user wearing glasses lowered the eyepiece of the eyepiece to the bottom to watch.Anti-slip ring protection. It is durable, sturdy, comfortable and durable. This single cylinder is filled with ammonia and waterproof, which effectively prevents the lens from being damp and causes the lens to be moldy, which greatly improves the service life of the te