Toddler Top First Birthday Gift Kids' Balance Bikes Walker RideChildrens Three Wheeled Bikes Rounds Bicycle Suitable for 2-6 Years Old Baby Foldable and Lightweight

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  • - Simple welding is full of safety hazards. Alava chooses the more difficult fish scale welding, high-strength seamless splicing, and bids farewell to the risk of broken scales. Because of its beautiful texture and difficult craftsmanship, it is called the art of welding.
  • - Develop your child's balance and help them achieve balance, guidance, coordination and self-confidence at an early age
  • - Remove the pedal to change the balance slide, exercise the baby's balance ability, stimulate the child's sports talent, install a firm foot placement frame design inlay button design, one-button disassembly foot Step will not be lost
  • - Lightweight metal balance car, easy for children to operate, parents are more likely to carry, integrated frame design, no sharp solder joints, no harm to the baby,Material: high quality carbon steel ABS resin, before folding size: 60x 50x32cm, weight: 3.6KG, folded size: 50x30x32cm