Tredmills for Running Proform Treadmill Treadmills Electric Mini Mechanical Small Walking Machine Folding Lengthening Simple Fitness Equipment Home Mechanical

$87.58 $333.00
  • Fashion Appearance: The treadmill is made of metal in a simple style, using LED display to display speed, distance, time and calories.
  • Multi-function: The speed of the treadmill can be adjusted freely. It is suitable for children, adults, and the elderly. It can exercise the whole body muscles, accelerate the metabolism, promote physical health, and greatly improve the human immunity.
  • Foldable: The treadmill is easy to use, foldable after exercise, takes up a small area, saves space, and is equipped with a moving roller for easy movement without effort and can be placed in various places in the home.
  • Safety performance: The treadmill adopts durable high-density fiberboard, comfortable EVA cushioning layer, smooth layer with low friction coefficient, and wear-resistant and non-slip running belt, which greatly improves the safety factor.
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