Vibration Platform,Vibrating Plate Trainer - Vibration Machine, Platform Trainer Whole Body Fitness Motor Sports Plate Powerful Magnetic Therapy Massage Oscillation (Color : RED)

$86.34 $290.71
  • Suitable for improving blood circulation, muscle strength, exercise training, weight loss, reducing fat accumulation, strengthening muscles and reducing stress levels. Improve your health, starting with The hard drive day. Just 10 to 15 minutes a day, take you to a new healthy life.
  • Modern design - Advanced vibrating plate to lose weight quickly, vibrate for 15 minutes a day, easy to exercise at home.
  • Diversification - Vibrating machine = treadmill massage chair yoga foot treatment and other multi-functional modes, adapt to speed and swing platform, fast weight loss.
  • Built-in - multi-level program, multi-function circuit protection, high-intensity fat burning, professional weight loss, warm-up, gymnastics, etc.
  • Magnetic therapy sensor: Enjoy a foot massage, such as a medium massage or sitting position. Stimulates blood flow and soothes tired feet and legs. The wide curved surface provides maximum contact, comfort and safety, as well as a non-slip surface.