Women's Fashion Smart Bracelet, Heart Rate Monitoring Sports StepSleepMonitor

$92.75 $354.01
  • Stainless steel case: alloy technology, timeless KW10 case with high quality stainless steel, stainless steel alloy bracelet with unique hook-shaped clasp
  • Turning the wrist screen: smart sensor, raising the hand to wake upthe built-in smart sensor can recognize your wrist movements, just flipthe wrist, you can easily light upthe screen ("you must open the "lifting the wrist screen" function in the app)
  • Heart rate monitoring: stay healthy KW10 can alwayspay attention to your heart rate, you can always check the heart rate data of each test (multi-sport mode, entertainmentpartner, sportspartner tap, run, walk, ride, climb, swim,play )
  • Sleepmonitoring: healthy sleepKW10 can monitor sleeptime and sleepquality every night. After the data is synchronized to the APP, you can check the deepsleepand light sleepstatus to helpimprove the quality of sleep. Sedentary reminder: Intimate reminder, healthy development through the built-in smart sensor, KW10 can remind you to avoid sedentary and maintain a healthier lifestyle
  • Menstrual reminder: safety experience, free to accompany KW10 canpredict and remind menstrual date, recordpersonal menstrual cycle andpage ovulation